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More than just willies! Most of the time.

Not at all associated with ASSHOLES squatting my domain name with their shitty NFTs, this is the original.

the Willy Club(WC)

Services list

This space hosts some services for me and friends, maybe it will host some other stuff down the line if I'm not too lazy.

Gitea server

A place to host your code

Click here to enter

Matrix homeserver


Come hang out with the other terminally online losers on the Willy Club matrix homeserver. You can also use it to communicate freely or whatever.

You can register on a client that supports it by adding:

as the homeserver, have fun and be nice!

Mumble server

Free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application

You need to download the mumble client from here to join.

Click here to open in your client

Flirt with the webmaster

Having a problem?

Send me a nice and positive message on matrix:

We love you! xoxo

Awesome webring

Check out any of these other aweeesome websites!

Well maybe there will be a webring here in the future.

Message board

Racism not allowed

the Willy Club(WC)
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