The Willy Club

Also known as Williams fabulous website!

More than just Willies I promise! Most of the time at least ^_^ sugoi desu ne~

Oh hello there!

Very welcome ladies and gentlemen! Your data has traveled through the pipes that make up the magical internet machine all the way to my computer, in "my" home, in Norway!

This is my little digital garden I guess you could say IG. Woow soo kewl and I treat it just like I would a real garden... my own little place on tha intarwebs woowwzers!!!

That is soooo cooool and like totally witty implementation of text and shit yaaas queens. Slay with that internet garden y'alls. Anything is possible!! Remember to live laugh love unironically thoughies. Later mamas!

Excuse ME, will you use ME?

The server serves some services; couple being publicly accessible.

Name Description
Gitea Version control hosting for projects
Mumble Low-latency, high-quality voice chat

Want to know more?

You are hereby invited to our Matrix room. Intersect with us at:, or contact ME directly at

We enjoy practising the art of not thinking! :D

Be nice to ME and each other, love ME and each other, what else can we do?! Karma is a bitch or something. Rawr

You are still unsure about whether you want to pertain in our sacred intellectualism reformatory, you should not reconsider!

Friends websitess!!

I hope they are still ME friends. I love them so much, up and coming George Freud's!

Needless to say, I unconditionally support everything these favorable furry icons have to say. I do however wish that I could revoke my explicit and unconditional consent for them to behave sexually towards me.

Butt! I will keep ME words for I am a trooper of the highest order. You can cunt on me!

♡。゚.(*♡´‿` 人´‿` ♡*)゚♡ °・

About me

Certified PSL GOD Mogger. [1] High IQ [2]

Bottom Text

Here we are, you have come so far but we need more than just stopping the mega fart.

A society healing requires all to take part, so be nice to yourself, for a start.

Be true to yourself, its the only way, because YOU can alter what you think and you say.

Make a change, starting today, tell yourself its going to be ok.

Start the day with complement and slay, I think you are very attractive anyway.

Civilization tutorial

      .:FFFFF:.     .:FFFFF:.                .:FFFFFFFFFFF:.
    :FFFF'''FFFF. .FFFF'''FFFF:          .:FFFF:'''FFF''':FFFF:.
  .FFF'      'FFFFFFF'      'FFF.      .FFFF'      FFF      'FFFF.
  FFF'          '''          'FFF     FFF'         FFF         'FFF
  FFF                         FFF    FFF           FFF           FFF
  FFF.                       .FFF   FFF'           FFF           'FFF
  'FFF.                     .FFF'   FFF          .FFFFF           FFF
    FFF.                   .FFF     FFF        .FFFFFFFFF.        FFF
     'FFF                 FFF'      FFF      .FFF' FFF 'FFF.      FFF
       FFF.             .FFF        FFF.   .FFF'   FFF   'FFF.   .FFF
        'FFF           FFF'          FFF..FFF'     FFF     'FFF..FFF
          FFF.       .FFF             FFFFF'       FFF       'FFFFF 
           'FFF.   .FFF'               'FFFF.      FFF      .FFFF'
             'FFF.FFF'                   ':FFFF:...FFF...:FFFF:'
               'FFF'                         ':FFFFFFFFFFF:'


  1. William
  2. The association between adult penile length and IQ. January 30th, 2024 Central University of Finance and Economics